These last few days in Sapporo...

Nowadays Sapporo has very nice weater, well at lesat lately. It's been not too hot, but not too cold. Just breeze, not freeze. But it's still considered cold for tropical people like me. Anyway, last night I heard that there is an earthquake in Japan at 2.00 AM, of which the effect of it can be felt in the Sapporo also. People said that they can feel their furniture shaking or something move beneath them, but I sleep very well last night, not woken up by the earthquake. Guess my body inertia is so big until it can not felt the movement, well except a very big movement, like if the earthquake epicenter is directly beneath my room.

And this last few days I also been very very very busy to prepare the progress report of my thesis, because on Monday (28), my Professor will come from Indonesia to HU. Therefore I miss a lot of things around me, such as Health Check. I just realized that when I met chinese people in front of my dorm who talk about the health check. And suddenly I realized that yesterday is the last day of the health check. Oh bad bad bad. Hahaha.. Hope I can still do the health check on Monday. Hahaha..

Hope you find my entry is entertaining and giving new information about Sapporo.


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