Hi, everyone..
Sapporo is getting cold now. Did you buy winter clothes?
Some of my friends in our laboratory got a cold. I hope you are in a good health.

This is my second report. Now, I have been here almost a month.
My schedule is getting tight, but it will be fun. I went to Japanese language classes three times a week, to make my life easier in here *Smile. The Japanese language is hard to learn but I have a lovely, kindly and funny Sensei so it is easier now. I also took a few classes in Agriculture department and my research will be started next week *Yipiieee... ^^

Last week I spent my weekend with some of PARE member's and also with our beautiful guide Mao'san ^^. We went to Otaru.

I hope someday we can spend our time together with all PARE member's. Thank you Mao'san ^o^.
This is the end of my report. I hope you have a good time in Sapporo, Hokudate, Indonesia, and also Thailand. See you in the next report. ^^

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