The introduction of Santi

Good afternoon everyone, 

My name is Santi Pannusa. Call me Santi or Jack. I Graduated from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in Faculty of Agricultural Techology. I have been worked in Fish DNA bank and Genomic Laboratory in Department of Fisheries (DOF). I was research assistant. My investigated about population genetic of freshwater fishes both in hatchery stocks and wild stocks using genetic marker.

Fig1 - My laboratory in DOF 
Fig2 - I was loading the DNA samples
Fig3 - This is a Gel document, it is dangerous zone

Now, I am studying in third year of Master degree course in Kasetsart University with major Aquaculture. My thesis for master degree is “Morphological and Genetic Differeentiation among Hatchery Stocks of Babonymus goionotus from the Northeast Inland Fisheries Research and Development Center (IFRDC) of Thailand. My supervisor in Hakodate Campus, Hokkaido University is Matsuishi sensei.

 Thank you every much.

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