3 Weeks in Hokkaido

Hi reader and PARE participants…
I hope you are always in good condition. 

I want to share my experience of the three weeks living in Sapporo. On the first week, I attended PARE opening ceremony, invited to lunch in Elm Restaurant by Gaku and Midori (both of them are Assistant Professor in CENSUS/Center for Sustainability), had an introduction with my colleagues in CENSUS and had a discussion with Nori sensei about my research and study plan during my time here, and the result of discussion is I will participate three subjects of PARE and five subjects of inter-graduate school class. On October 2nd – 8th I attended PARE subject i.e. “Fundamental Lecture in Environmental Science”. I also participated in international orientation for foreign student on Oct 3rd, which was very interesting because it gave useful information on topics such as student life in Japan, introductions of events and social opportunities, and speech by a Bangladeshi student about international student’s experience.

On second week, I started to attend other PARE subject i.e.: “advanced course in environmental adaptation” and “advanced course in global warming assessment”. I also started my study in environmental policy and environmental ethics. The way lectures are conducted here is interesting, quite different with the way I had in my country. There, it is sometime a one-way class approach, while here it is more on interactive approach. The lecturers are attentive and they appreciate students’ opinion and suggestion.

On the third week, I am starting to get used to and enjoying the daily life in Sapporo. Initially, the cold temperature, the language, and also the limited halal food available are challenging for me, but now those things encourage me to try on and embrace new and different things. Below you will find some of documentations. Check it out…

Btw, this is the link of my biography in CENSUS homepage:

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Conditions in the classroom of environmental ethics, Oct 11th 2013

Conditions in the classroom of environmental policy, Oct 15th 2013

Eat “Goma Dango” in  Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura,  Oct 6th 2013

Japanese culture theater in Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura,  Oct 6th 2013

Mt Kurodake, Oct 5th 2013

Ninja performance in  Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura,  Oct 6th 2013

Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura, Oct 6th 2013

Sounkyo Ropeway, Oct 5th 2013

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