Orientation for Semester/Year Long Students on September 30th at HU!!

  Hello!Sawatdii khrap!! Selamat siang!!! This is Mao from PARE central office:)
New PARE students came to Hokkaido University on Spetember 30 for semester/year long program!
There was a ceremony and a welcoimng party for long term program,
and each students inclusinding HU students who would study abroad as PARE students had 1 min. speech  for their ambitions to join PARE infront of their professors.
Everyone had a wonderful speech!!!

After the ceremony, we had a campus tower!! Thank you for joining us!!
Everyone became friends so smoothly,
 and we enjoyed the greeting time as well as looked aroung the HU campus!!!

Welcome PARE studets from IPB, ITB, UGM, and KU students!!!!
Good luck on studying abroad for HU students!!!!!
We central office stuff are really glad to see you, and hope your studying life could be wonderful!!!!
Let us help you if you have any trouble, questions, and request!!!!!!!!!!:)

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