Experiences in Hokkaido

Hello everyone. My name is Papon Loungtumma, my nickname’s “Arm”. I am graduated student from Mining Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.
 I attended PARE program of “Introduction to PARE”, “PARE (Intensive Summer School)” and “PARE (Comprehensive Specialized Subject” I got new experiences from this program. First of all, I got new knowledge in another field of work such as agriculture, history, and science. Next, I could create any ideas for apply with my work and life by those knowledge also. Furthermore, I got new foreign friends such as Japanese, Korean, and Indonesian students. We had practiced about communication and work with each other. Especially, Japanese, they have excellent characteristic about working. They have a high discipline, so it’s very nice to work with them. The characteristic and habit of Japanese is obviously different with Thais. Therefore, I think Japanese working style is a good choice to imitate, so it would be benefits, if I apply this style to use in my home country.  Finally, I appreciated for the opportunity which I got from this University. This is an unforgettable experience and it will be benefits for me forever.   
Hokkaido is very nice and amazing, especially HU. I think This program is very good for everyone, if you want to get knowledge, good experience and etc. you should join this program, You will be never disappointed and this great experiences would be in my memory forever.

Mr. Papon Loungtumma ^^

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