My Happiness in Sustainable Resources Engineering

Hello readers!

How are you? I hope, we are in good condition. It was almost one month, i had stayed in Sapporo. So far, so good. Enjoyed Sapporo!

Actually, i have already begun my research. My activity was so tight. I took three classes in Engineering Department and two classes in Japanese Language. And also, i must do my research in Sustainable Engineering Laboratory. My supervisor, Otake Sensei asked me to make a research plan for know the progress of it. So, that's why in Thursday ago i presented my research plan in front of Otake Sensei, Sato Sensei, and  all of my friend in Sustainable Engineering Laboratory. Generally, my presentation was good. I was satisfied of it.

In Hokkaido University, one of my expectation is to finish my thesis. Actually i have two method to complete my thesis research. Because the others method had already done in Indonesia (Gadjah Mada University). One week ago, i had tried X-Ray Diffraction Analysis for knowing the composition of minerals in sandstone. I had a lot of new knowledge in here. Thanks PARE for the chance!

Picture: It is about X-Ray Diffraction Analysis in Sustainable Resources Engineering

Wish me luck to finish my thesis research. See you in the next report. Arigatou gozaimasu ^^

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