Hardwork  in 1st Three weeks in Sapporo

        Apologize profusely because I was too late to make a report. My journey in Hokkaido Japan starts from New Chitose. I arrived in New Chitose international airport three weeks ago. Getting tired because of less sleeping which I have got suddenly lost when I realized that I arrived in Japan. Temperature is the most important thing to be more paid attention when we live in Sapporo.Like me an Indonesian the weather is very different, so the first thing to do is to protect my body from the cold temperature. The minimum temperature can reach 3 degrees Celsius in the autumn and minus 19 in the winter. Some second hand equipment like jacket is easily to get in second hand store, of course with the cheaper price and suitable for my scholarship. Nevertheless, Sapporo is not crowded city like Tokyo or Osaka however it is nice city for studying.

         Every PARE student has a supporter that will help them to get residence card, bank account, insurance and etc. My supporter is Satya Candra Wibawa Sakti; he is a 2nd year doctoral student in Environmental Science and also a kindly person. At last my first day in Hokkaido was begun. 
           Several orientations from PARE committee started my first activity at Hokkaido University. Knowing more about other participants and committees in PARE program was first agenda at that day. It was so amazing experience for me. In addition, campus trip and introducing Hokkaido University facilities made me really curious at this university.
Photo with PARE participants from UGM, ITB, IPB and Kasetsart University

Next day was time to join in graduate school orientation. Professor Shunitz Tanaka give us Intensive Lectures with subject "Fundamental Lecure in Environmental Science". Several great lectures which I have got really improved my basic knowledge about sustainable environment, society and industry especially happened in Japan. In addition the lecturer introduced us about several japan problems including how to solve it. Interesting lectures I think. In terms of making a student card and key card to open the main door if overtime, I was helped by Shunitz Tanaka sensei also. He is very good at all and very attentive.
At last, the time to join sensei laboratory was come. Accompany by Tanaka sensei, I met my supervisor, Matsuda sensei and Umezawa sensei, during I have been here. Introducing the lab member and great facilities in his laboratory, became main agenda at that day. My truly daily life in Hokkaido, doing research in laboratory, was begun. Searching lot of literatures which I need to do research was first task that Umezawa sensei asked. Matsuda entrusted me to be guided byUmezawa Sensei to doing "Total Synthesis of Natural Product called Omaezallene compound".
             One habit in Matsuda sensei's laboratory for a new comer student is a “welcome party”. All students and sensei usually join on the party. Because I am a Muslim, my laboratory friends providing meals without pork and alcohol and many provide seafood. Lift your glass and please say “Kanpai”. This is a Japanese word for toast in a party. 
From Leftt : Miyano,Hidomi, Gotoken, Maeda, Shohei, Murayama, Yoshida (Japan), Loida (Philipina), Moori (Japan) and Me. Center from left : Umezawa Sensei and Matsuda Sensei

       My first weekend was spent in Organic Laboratory in Environmental Earth Science Department and I take 2 subjects to fulfill PARE requirement and for completing my credits in IPB.    I can't take Nihon go class because the schedule of  Nihon go classes clashed with my course and work laboratory's schedule. I must working in my Laboratory from 9.00 AM until 10.00 PM, from Monday until Saturday. That is my laboratory's rule, but I had no trouble and live happily.
           My free time, I use to recreation to beautiful places and took some photos because I love photography. I have been traveling around Hokkaido university to take photos and visit Otaru city. Sugoi ne .. 

Beside that, I also do activities such as badminton with others Indonesia's students and do my big moslem ritual called Eid al-Adha prayers at the Sapporo mosque.

 Thank you very much for your attention, "Terima kasih banyak", "Arigatou gozaimasu"and see you on the next posting..…….Ganbate, Semangat !!! ….

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  1. Hi Iman, I'm trying to find an email address for Satya Candra Wibawa Sakti and because I read on this post he's your supporter I thought you either might have one you can share or you might be willing to ask Satya this question about a ResearchGate post he made earlier this year at http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Satya_Candra_Wibawa_Sakti/topics.

    Satya answered Neha Mallick's question about magnetite-maghemite in an iron oxide sample by saying he (Satya) "agreed with Prof. Towe," but I can't find anywhere on ResearchGate where a "Prof. Towe" identified himself as such to Neha. (I'm also not a member of ResearchGate, so perhaps that is why I don't/can't see who provided the first answer of the five?)

    As I can't find any "Towe" with a ResearchGate profile (or at least not one with a "public" profile), I'm hoping Satya can help shed some light on how he knows it was "Prof. Towe" who answered Neha and (maybe even exactly) which Professor Towe it was. (I can find a couple professors online with the last name "Towe.") I'm in California, a long way away from you two, but either you or Satya should feel free to contact me at robinschlinger@gmail.com. Thanks so much!