Experience in Sapporo....^^

Now, I already live in Sapporo for 3 months. The first time I came to Hokudai when the trees still green and sometimes raining. But, now the season has already changed and the weather become cold. I realize something that when I live in Hokkaido mostly I go somewhere at the weekend with my friends. So, I want to share some my experience in Sapporo. As I said before, the first time I came here when I join PARE Summer School so I ever go to Sapporo Dome with the other participants.

As you can see, I and my friends go to there when summer. But at the first I went there I couldn't come to Sapporo Dome because there was concert in there. So, now I have a chance to visit Sapporo Dome again ....^^

But, I go there for a different purpose. SHOPPING! Yeah, that's right ! I go there when they hold "Golden Market". Maybe some people know about it. In the golden market you can get clothes or another things with low price and also you can bid the price. Maybe most of them sell the second stuff but if you are lucky you can get the new one. Well, I go there for preparing the winter  and  I go there with my friends.

See the picture...^^
Yeah, I got new foreigner friends. They came from Philippine, China and South Korea. That's picture take when we had lunch time.
So, you can see those shopping bags were so much because all of my friends newly move from Kita 23 dormitory to their new apato. So they have to buy something for their apartment.

I also ever go to Odori Park  or 大通リ 公園 (if I made a mistake for wrong spelling, I'm sorry....^^)
I already 3 times go to Odori Park. The first time when I went with the other PARE participants

So beautiful...! I went there at the night and unfortunately I couldn't go up that tower ... :(
But, I had a nice experience with my friends ...^^

My second time, I go to there with Mao (as my guide) when they held "Autumn Festival"

But, unfortunately I just go there for one hour because Mao had to go.And the third when I went there last week with my Indonesia friend and Chinese friend who newly come back to Sapporo after take one month holiday. Both of them give me some souvenirs for me ....^^

Okay, For now I think already enough share a little my experiences live in Sapporo. Next report, I will tell about my welcome party in my laboratory,  go around in Otaru , visit some building after an earthquake occurred in Sapporo and many things .....

Thank you for read my report and enjoy the cooling temperature in Sapporo.

Best regards,
Intan Indriyani Sibarani

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