My First Two Weeks in Hokkaido

Irfan's First Two Weeks in Hokkaido
Started by long journey from Indonesia to Sapporo, I arrived in New Chitose international airport two weeks ago. Getting tired because of less sleeping which I have got suddenly lost when I realized that I arrived in Japan. At last my first day in Hokkaido was begun. Several orientations from PARE committee started my first activity at HU. Knowing more about other participants and committees in PARE program was first agenda at that day. It was so amazing experience for me. In addition, campus trip and introducing HU facilities made me really curious at this university.
Next day was time to join in graduate school orientation. Several great lectures which I have got really improved my basic knowledge about sustainable environment, society and industry especially happened in Japan. In addition the lecturer introduced us about several japan problems including how to solve it. Interesting lectures I think.
At last, the time to join sensei laboratory was come. Accompany by Matsui san, the supporter, I met my supervisor, Ohtani sensei, during I have been here. Introducing the lab member and great facilities in his laboratory, became main agenda at that day. My truly daily life in Hokkaido, doing research in laboratory, was begun. Searching lot of literatures which I need to do research was first task that Ohtani sensei asked.
Unfortunately, today is October 14, 2013 that I still get trouble in adaptation with the weather. I got sick getting trouble with my skin since three days ago. Hopefully it is the last day that I get sick then I will celebrate the special moslem day, Idul Adha, tomorrow with healthy.  For today lot taking rest probably will be better for me.  Keep fighting ^_^

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