Now in holiday

This is a report from IPB.

In Indonesia, we are in 4 day holiday. So, the campus is very quiet relative to that of weekday.

And then, I will introduce the room that I can use.

This is it.
There is an air conditioner in this room, and I can use Internet. 
I can do my works with comfortable condition, so also I come here  on weekends.

There is a big problem. The problem related with this building.
This is the map of this building.

Very complex!!
I always get lost when I'm going to have lunch!
This is the first challenge that I should solve.

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2 Responses to Now in holiday

  1. Morimitsu san,
    Welcome to IPB Dramaga...
    The building is very complex and same as you are, I am also lost when my first time in IPB...

  2. Priyo,
    I think this building isn't kind for new students...
    How do you feel Hokkaido?
    Take care of you especially for cold weather.