Nice to Meet You All....

Hello everyone ...

Let me introduce myself. My name is Intan Indriyani Sibarani but you can call me Intan. I am master student in Aerospace Engineering, Graduate School of Bandung Institute Technology, Indonesia. I live in Bandung, Indonesia but I came from Cirebon. Some of friends in this blog know that I join this program from Introduction PARE, Summer School PARE and now I also join Long Term PARE Program.

In this occasion, I would like to say my appreciation to the chief and all the committee of PARE Program for giving me this huge opportunity to have this amazing experience. Now, I take several class in Hokkaido University and also do some research in here. My supervisor in Hokkaido University is Sasaki sensei from Micro Energy System. He and my laboratory friends are very kind. From this opportunity, I know and get new friends from the other country.

From Introduction PARE and Summer School I get new knowledge which is my outfield. I also can go around Northern Hokkaido and know more about Hokkaido. Last but not least, I hope that during our stay in Sapporo, we can enjoy and experience Japanese culture and hospitality to keep us warm in the next coming winter.

In the end, once again I want say thank you and よろしくお願いします

Best regards,
Intan  Indriyani Sibarani

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