Greetings from Indonesia by Della Rahmawati

Hi everyone.. お元気ですか
My name is Della, Della Rahmawati. Some of my friends in Indonesia called me “De”. So, if you hard to say my name, you can call me just “De” or D. ^^

I am a graduate student in Food Science Department, Graduate School of Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia. I am an Indonesian. I live in Bogor, Indonesia but I came from Bandung, Indonesia. Bandung is the one of wonderful city in Indonesia. So, if you want to come to Indonesia, I would be happy to accompany you to enjoy the city (Bogor, Bandung or other Cities).

I am really excited to join the PARE program and I would like to say thank you for this opportunity. Sapporo is a wonderful city, I am very happy to be here.

My objective to join PARE Program are :
1.  I would like to learn and gain more knowledge on specific Subject of analysis plants and soil. Because my research related to mineral and heavy metals analysis on vegetables and soil.
2.  I would like to learn all about Japan, especially Japanese language and culture.
3. I would like to make friends with students of PARE Program and students of Hokkaido University. I would be happy if you want to share your culture and your story. I will be a good friend. Big Smile.

In the end, I hope you want to be my friends and do not hesitate to contact me, if you want to know more about Indonesia or my University.

All Best,

Della Rahmawati. ^ ^v 

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One Response to Greetings from Indonesia by Della Rahmawati

  1. Della-san,
    Welcome to HU!
    I'm sure your study and life here will be very much fruitful!

    Best regards,
    Rickie Takemura
    Central Office, PARE
    Hokkaido University