Temperature is the most important thing to be more paid attention when we live in Sapporo. Actually Sapporo is not crowded city like Tokyo or Osaka however it is nice city for studying. Like me an Indonesian the weather is very different, so the first thing to do is to protect my body from the cold temperature. The minimum temperature can reach 3 degrees Celsius in the autumn and minus 19 in the winter. Some second hand equipment like jacket is easily to get in second hand store, of course with the cheaper price and suitable for my scholarship.

1st day on the campus, in the morning I came to OIA for attending opening ceremony of PARE program for semester and yearlong student.  I met some PARE Student from Indonesia (UGM, ITB and IPB), Thailand (Kasetsart University) and also the exchange student from Hokkaido University. I came to faculty of agriculture building to meet Hatano Sensei (my professor) at noon and told about my research plan to him. He told me that I would be involved in an existing research in soil laboratory; therefore I can learn some methods related to my research thesis.

Every PARE student has a supporter that will help them to get residence card, bank account, insurance and etc. My supporter is Shinya Iwasaki; he is a 2nd year master student in soil science and also a kindly person. Shinya introduce me another international students in soil science laboratory and some of them are Indonesian….:)

From left : Zameera, Li Xi  (China), Ikabongo (Zambia), Rina, Tedy, Priyo (Indonesia)

The weather forecasting in Sapporo is very reliable, therefore Japanese people too believe about that. The 2nd day when I was on the way to campus, it was rain. I decided to buy an umbrella. Unfortunately a little accident happened with my umbrella. It disappeared in the next 8 hours when I came to immigration office for getting residence card…..”oh my 600 Yen”….. x_x

One habit in Soil laboratory for a new comer student is a “welcome party”. All students and sensei usually join on the party. Because I am a Muslim, for this time it was held on restaurant that provide seafood menu. Lift your glass and please say “Kanpai”. This is a Japanese word for toast in a party. 

 Lift your glass and please say “Kanpai”

My first weekend was spent in experimental garden of Hokkaido university in Shizunai, a city in southern Hokkaido. I went with some students that are doing research in there. I got many experiences during in Shizunai such as: how to install lysimeter, gasses sampling use chamber and etc. Using laboratory apparatus like NOx gas analyzer also include.      

This weekend some courses are already started, I take 3 credits to fulfill PARE requirement and for completing my credits in IPB. Field lecture to observe soil profile is an annual activity in Soil Science laboratory; it is always held twice a year on summer and autumn. In this year for autumn it was hold in last week. We went to Kitami, 4.5 hours by vehicle from Sapporo.

 Field lecture in Kitami with Hatano Sensei
Thank you very much for your attention and see you on the next posting..…….Ganbate …. 

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