2013 PARE Intensive Summer School Successfully Finished!!!

2013 PARE Intensive Summer School  which started from August 15th
was successfully finished on August 27th at HU
by kind supports and cooperation of all people who had been related with PARE program!!
Thank you so much, professors, participants, staffs, and everyone who helped the program!!!

After Orientation and Ice Breaking, there were several lectures for the participants who were devided into 6 groups which continued through the end of the program.

While the firld trip, the participants had visited many places and people around Northan Hokkaido
such as Nakagawa Town, Takikawa City, Wakkanai and so on.
Participants were having great efforts to make assignments and group work discussion
for their final presentation.

All 6 groups had great presentations which  the audiences could feel deep communication
 and effors as a group!!!

PARE Central Office really appreciate for the success of the first Intensive Summer School which could not be happen without every PARE supporters' warm understanding and cooperation.
Thank you so much , professors who gave lectures and who came to HU to attend the working group meeting and PARE students who are all wonderful!!!!!

We hope to see  you soon, and wish your happiness and success always!!!!!!
Terimakashi:) Kohob Khun Ka:) ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA:)!!!!!!

Mao Watabe
PARE Central Office @Hokkaido University

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