7th Introduction to PARE on August 3rd!!

Dear PARE students^0^!
Good morning! Hope you are having great summer days!
On August 3rd, 7th Introduction to PARE was holden by PARE central office at HU.
The lectures were the following;

[Tanaka Science and Technology for Environmental Remediation]
by Dr. Nobuo Sakairi and Dr. Shuniz Tanaka

[Green Information Technology for the Nest Generation Internet]
by Dr. Yoshikazu Miyanaga

Thank you so much Dr. Ssakairi, Dr. Tanaka, and Dr. Miyanaga for your lecture.
Thank you so much PARE students who attended the lectures!!!

In addition, the lecture of Dr. Izumi will be holdedon August 8th from 9:30~12:00AM
as a transfer the lecture from on July 27th!
We are really looking forward to seeing you on August 8th!!!
Best Regars!
Mao Warabe from PARE central office at Hokkaido University:)

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