Introduction to PARE finished! Aug.10th

[2013 Introduction to PARE ]was successfully finished by all participants' support!!!

The last lecture was [Eco-friendly Development of Coastal Areas] by Dr. Hiroyuki Tanaka.

Everytime students took lectures, they had communicated each other smoother, and lecture had gotten so excited with a lot of discussion!!

After the lecture, PARE central office asked the students to write a questioneer about the Introduction to PARE!!
Thank you so much HU students and ITB students who came and took lectures every sat even though it should have been so hard!!!!
Thank you so much all professors and stuff who supported PARE program!!!!
Because of all PARE members' cooperation and kindly support, the program finished so successfully!!
I really hope the relationship of PARE students will continue:)!!!!!!!
Teremakashi! Koppenka! Arigatougozaimashita!!!!!
Mao (PARE Central Office@HU)

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