2013 PARE Intensive Summer School Started!!

Dear All PARE members:)
Hello! This is Mao from PARE central office at Hokkaido University!
On Aug. 15th, [2013 PARE Intensive Summer School] started at Hokkaido University in JP!
The perticipants are total 37 students!!!
7 UGM students
5 IPB students
2 ITB students
6 CU students
9 KC students
2 SIIT students
6 HU students
They are now during the field trip around Hokkaido and come back to Sapporo City on 23th.
Thank you so much to come to Japan and we PARE central office are so glad to seet you all:)
Please have a safety trip and hopefully you have great time to learn a lot in the beautiful historical places in Hokkaido!!!!!!!!! Take care & we are waiting for you in Sapporo:)

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