-Self Introduction-

Hallo everyone,,.,. Konichiwa minna san,.

I am Laura Flowrensia, please call me 'Rara". I am master student of Silviculture, faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Indonesia. Thankfully, I am a member of PARE Program 2014, and now I am study at Entomology Sytematics Laboratory, faculty of Agriculture, under guidance of Shinichi Akimoto sensei. And I can't wait to start my laboratory works. Hahahahaha,.

It is already a month that I have been in Hokkaido,.,but it feel like it is Yesterday that I had finished "Summer School PARE Program" complete with the interested-hectic schedules. I can not remember- to forget all the Summer School activities. I still clearly remember Kobayashi sensei lecturer about animal productions, and pesticides and food additives by Hashidoko sensei on the first day of Summer School class at Office of International Affairs (OIA).

Group discussion, paper reports and group debate suddenly became something I miss,.#eeeh Hahahahaha (LOL). This page can not never enough to provide my experiences as part of PARE Family, such as : class discussions, field works, preparation for presentation, and especially the stories behind the presentation itself. It is unbelieveable everyone succeed to perform smoothly with those limit preparation time. PARE Program is some kind of beyond out of doubt.

I believe everyone have a good remembrances in this PARE Program. Eventhough english not the mother language anyone of us, we keep trying our best to sound our ideas. I am a hundread percent impressed by tenacity of my PARE friends. Miss you PARE friends,.,especially the Summer School ones, and of course,. Hokudate group. 555555555 (LOL). 

PARE ID : PARE26-001
Laura Flowrensia

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