Water: H2 power plant as Empowerment of local area
 By: Ricky Andi Syahputra

Increasing of population led to increase human activities that negatively impact the environment and energy sources become unbalanced. There were a densely populated area and sparse population; they were associated with logging because of an unbalanced economy. To overcome this problem, our group made ​​a master plan based on the development of the local area. Development was done in the energy sector and the empowerment of people through education and technology. To realize our master plan, we used some sectors such as aquaculture / agriculture: cultivated fisheries, rice cultivation and Vegetable. Eco-tourism: building sites and building the creative industries (handicraft). Development of local society is very important; because it have to be self-sufficient local society do not rely on the central government. The development of our local communities can increase local incomes. Local community development by building several communities who were concerned about their local society and communities like community creative energy.
Creative community is a community that empowers people through the use of natural resources from the area. This community aims to develop the mindset of the people about self-reliance and hard work in developing regions. For example, like to make a special menu that is made ​​of the results of aquaculture such as fish and shrimp and vegetables that come from agriculture. Make a few handcraft typical of the region to increase the people's income. Community energy is a caring community to expand energy sources in an affluent. These communities use natural resources found in the area, for example as in the Yubari city utilize ground water to make micro hydro power plant that can meet the electricity needs of the region. This area has a small stream of water (1 kWh) to produce electricity that is small anyway. If the excess power generated can be sold to the electricity industry so as to increase the income of the local community. Because electricity produced is small then we can utilize water as the output of the process micro hydro power into electricity (H2 power plant).
In the environmental field, H2 power plant is producing electricity which has very small emissions, because emissions are released in the form of water vapor (figure 1). H2 power plant designed with the utilization of galvanic cells. H2 power plant based on water by adding chemicals such as Al, Na, Ca and others to split water molecules into hydrogen gas and hydrogen gas is used as fuel in a reactor that can produce electricity. Increasing energy produced can become a source of income of the area. If the source of the excess energy produced can be sold to energy companies.
Based on the our master plan is expected to increase income sparsely populated areas so as to attract the attention of society who live in densely populated places to move to the place that is sparsely populated. Resulting in population distribution and the establishment of the welfare of all society. To improve the welfare of the society there has to be communication between the university (scientist), companies, and governments. So that society concerns can be resolved.

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