... a week on!!

It has been a week since we concluded the PARE 2014 summer school... and we have either begun a new chapter (for the long-term students) or gone back to our normal lives back at our home universities. Either way, I see the summer school as a grand opportunity, an eye-opener, a turning point, and an inspirational step to being a global leader. Whatever your learned from the summer school, please use it wisely, not only for your own benefit, but mainly for the sake of humanity.
I look forward to meeting you once more, you were an inspiration to me, I mean each one of you, including those I seldom interacted with - if any. I take this opportunity to wish everyone the very best in your current ventures and future endeavors. For prospective PARE students, I challenge you to try your best to make it aboard... greater things await!! Go getit!!!
See you in my next blog.

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