Della's Final Report

Final Report
(Submission Deadline: 18th September 2014)

Bogor Agricultural Univeristy
Della Rahmawati
Group No.

         The world population of 7.2 billion in mid-2013 is projected to increase by almost one billion people within the next twelve years (World population prospects, 2013). This situation will affect to accomplishment of energy around the world, especially in develop countries. As the PARE summer school participant 2014, I should have contribution in order to utilize the energy based on the PARE (population, activities, resources, and environment) chain.
         In Our master plan, we will try to utilize human waste to be a good energy sources in develop country. We will utilize the human waste into biogas plant and reuse black water after treatment and compost for fertilizer. Currently, there are a lot of biogas plants with animal waste as a source in several countries, but just a few biogas plant use human waste as a source of biogas plant.
         Actually, human waste contain higher amount of nitrogen, and phosphorous than animal waste, with human waste we can make the low cost of biogas system, the life span and the benefit for using gas and compost. Moreover, we will utilize the black water after treatment and compost as a fertilizer for our mango and mangos teen orchard around the biogas plant. This orchard will produce the organic fruits because we will not use some of synthetic fertilizer. Objective of this orchards are to reduce bad smell from biogas system of human waste storage and to get other funds from exporting fruits to other country to maintain our biogas plant.
          In our biogas plant, methane will be collected from human waste and used as electric energy of plan. We also calculated the budget for our biogas system, and we will try to apply this system for small scope such as city, first. If this plan success on the small scope, we will develop for the large scope in the future.
         There are some of regulation and rules on utilize human waste as a fertilizer. As a food scientist, I should be concern to health effect of population who stayed near at the biogas plant area and people who will consume our fruits product. In case of this master plan, I have a contribution to find and to explain about the rules related to utilize human waste in safety way for human health which was developed by WHO and also for fruit production, we decided to follow the regulation in CODEX was established by FAO and WHO. Those guidelines are important because as scientist we have to think about social aspect, environmental and also health effect of our plan. Those rules and regulation can be used as our guide to develop our product and our system and also our first tool to introduce our project plan to communities.   
         In the other hand, we hope this master plant can reduce green-house-gasses emissions especially on methane emission, because in some develop country there are only a few ways to process human waste. Most of human waste in developing countries just kept into a tank. However, with this project plan we will obtain enough energy for our life. 

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