Final Report : Fatimah Dinan Q

Final Report

Institut Teknologi Bandung
Fatimah Dinan Qonitan
Group No.

You will write a report (500 words) on your group’s discussion.
In the report, you will:
A.      Propose how you can contribute as a specialist to realize your group’s master plan, and
B.      Propose a title of research paper related to the master plan.

The principle of sustainability is consists of three main aspects, they are economics, social, and environments. Sustainable solution is something that encompass viewpoint of economist, sociologist, and ecologist. Our world today faced great problem that mainly caused by a chain called negative PARE chain. As population increases (P), activities will also increase (A), because of that resources depleted (R), and finally the environment is degraded (D). In order to seek the solution of the problem, our group focused on integration of the effective use of fossil fuel, alternative energy development, land use planning, environmental monitoring, and sustainability education for the society. As presented before, we believe that we should integrate those aspects to reach sustainability in a country. Our case study is Indonesia.

As a specialist of environmental engineering management, I could contribute to the environmental monitoring and society education aspect. Environmental monitoring is necessary to be established for every other sectors, they are including ambient air monitoring, emission of air pollutants, waste water effluent, water quality, and land use usage. This environmental monitoring is best when established nationally, so we need a national environmental monitoring network. There are many technologies and guidance available for environmental monitoring that ready to be applied. The problem in Indonesia is the human resources, we have monitoring stations already in big cities, but the regular operation is still far from good. It is because the government and public are not yet aware about the importance of knowing the country’s environment state, therefore experts that supervised monitoring activities also very few. I can be the supervising expert who focused on establishing Indonesia’s environmental monitoring network. But I realized that, the government and public support are very important yet not easy to obtain. First, we need to create a team of researchers from different background but belongs to some academic institiution. Then, after creating the team, we can propose the national environmental monitoring network establishment plant to the Ministry of Environment of Indonesia.

Besides, we still need to increase public awareness. The public won’t know the environmental monitoring network is important, if we don’t educate them. Therefore, society education is necessary. During PARE Program, we introduced to a creative environmental education place, named Hakkenzan EcoCatering. I think it’s best to educate society using creative approach, like creating Eco – Energy Park in the city. The Eco – Energy park shall be self sufficient in energy, using solar panels as energy sources. Beside, to educate people, this Eco – Energy park also shall exhibit prototypes of energy plants (windmill, wind turbine, microhydro) and other interactive education media.  The Eco – Energy park project is most likely started in the city of Bandung. City of Bandung has many park that are about to be renovated by the new mayor, Mr. Ridwan Kamil. He is very open to public ideas for renovation of the park, so that I can propose to create an Eco – Energy park as one of Bandung’s theme park.

Related to the masterplan, I would like to propose a research with the title “A Contingent Valuation Study for Bandung Eco-Energy Park: Evaluation of Willingness to Pay” to create environmental economics valuation of the plan.

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