PARE SUMMER SCHOOL 2014 Final Report

Final Report
(Submission Deadline: 18th September 2014)

Universitas Gadjah Mada
Shofa Rijalul HAQ
Group No.

You will write a report (500 words) on your group’s discussion.
In the report, you will:
A)      propose how you can contribute as a specialist to realize your group’s master plan, and
B)      propose a title of research paper related to the master plan.

A. Contribution as A Specialist to Realize The Group’s Master Plan

In order to apply the practical solution of negative PARE chain, we take a case study in Sumatra Island, Indonesia. We take a case study because we know that different location has different problem and different resources. However, the problem of centralized population in one area while no population in other area is almost the same in East Asian countries, including Japan, Thailand and Indonesia. Our master plan is a city of technology, commonly called it as smart city. As well as we concern before, as developing country there are over population in the capital city of the country. In this case the most populated area is centralized in Java Island with 57.49% of total population in Indonesia (Indonesian statistics, 2011). There are also a lot of industrial factory that does not support eco-friendly. Those cases cause environmental deterioration in Java Island as urban area. In the other hand Sumatra island, with 15.84 % of total population in Indonesian (Indonesian statistics, 2011), has potential resources such as agriculture, ocean (fish, shrimp), fossil resources, and also other alternative resources (geothermal, coal bed methane). Therefore, Sumatra Island must be developed to attract people from Java Island to transmigrate to Sumatra Island. Truthfully, the concept of smart city has begun since 20 years ago. According to Frost & Sullivan(2013), the concept of smart city including smart governance and smart education, smart healthcare, smart building, smart mobility, smart infrastructure, smart technology, smart energy, and smart citizen. City of technology (smart city) is not only about the concept, it also includes education and promotion to the society, a gradual action step by step, a grea movement from many sector, and the life quality improvement.
As an engineering specialist, my contributions were searching the required information such as geological resources data in Sumatra from Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources RI (2009), Geological Agency of Indonesia (2009), Geological Agency of Indonesia (2011), Directorate General of Oil and Gas, Energy and Mineral Resources RI (2007), optimizing the energy from fossil resources, developing the renewable energy, and also thinking to increase the efficiency of thermal power plant. I searched the analogical of economical cost investment data from similar project to build the smart city, such as port, thermal power plant, oil storage, hydro power plant, solar power plant, city, home site, animal husbandry, industry, inland aquaculture and paddy field cost investment. In addition as leader of group 2, my responsibility was to keep all sectors or specialist become connected and fulfilled to realize the master plan, smart city. I reviewed the presentation materials and compiled them as one presentation. I put the timeline schedule to describe what we must do to realize the smart city project in the actual condition or real world.
In conclusion, smart city is not only about the technology, but also the human (citizen and government). We may have technology and a lot of money, but those are not enough. Human resources, society and government must be prepared first before starting to build the smart city infrastructure. In this case, our challenge is human habit, behavior and mentality. Therefore, as smart city preparation and promotion, we also presented smart city model and game education in the end of our presentation.
B. Research Paper Related to The Master Plan

 There are several paper research and report related to the master plan. These paper and report were utilized as reference in our master plan presentation. There following paper and report are :
1.       Bond, R., et al, 2007, Agriculture in Indonesia A Review of Consumption, Production, Import and Import Regulation, 13th Meeting of The Australia-Indonesia Working Group on Agriculture, Food and Forestry Cooperation, Gold Coast, Queensland, 28-31 Agustus 2007. This paper explain about agriculture condition of Indonesia in 2007. Based on this paper, the most substansial of agriculture food consumption in Indonesia is paddy rice, while chicken and fish are also delighted meat consumption.
2.       Frost & Sullivan, 2013, Strategic Opportunity Analysis of the Global Smart City Market, This paper is related with the concept of smart city that includes citizen, gocernance, education, energy, technology, infrastructure, mobility, building, and also healthcare.
3.       Geological Agency of Indonesia, 2009, Geological Agency Annual Report 2009, This is an annual geological report published by Geological agency of Indonesia. According to this report, geothermal resources in Sumatra is approximately 7001 Mwe.
4.       Geological Agency of Indonesia, 2011, Geological Agency Annual Report 2011, This is an annual geological report published by Geological agency of Indonesia. Based on this report, coal resources in Sumatra is approximately 52 billion MT.
5.       Thomas, M., 2013, Unlocking Indonesia’s CBM potential, This paper shows the estimation of Coal Bed Methane in Indonesia as alternative energy. According to this paper, Indonesia is ranked no. 6 in the world for Coal Bed Methane reserves. While CBM reserves in Sumatra is 239.6 Tcf.  
6.       ------, 2007, Methane Reserves Map 2007, Directorate General of Oil and Gas Energy and Mineral Resources RI, This paper also shows Coal Bed Methane reserves in Indonesia as alternative energy. According to this paper, CBM reserves in Sumatra is 239.6 Tcf.
7.       ------, 2009, Petroleum Resources of Indonesia, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Directorate General of Oil and Gas RI. This paper explain about oil and gas resources, reserves and also its consumption in Indonesia. According to this paper, oil resources in Sumatra is 5279.99 MMSTB, while gas resources is 45.24 TSCF.
8.       ------, 2010, Population of Indonesia by Province 2010, Statistics Indonesia, This is an annual statistic report in Indonesia published by Statistics Indonesia. Based on this report, the Indonesian population in 2010 is 237,641,326 person. Population in Java Island is 57.49% of total population in Indonesia, besides in Sumatra Islan is 15.84 % of total population in Indonesian.
9.       ------, 2011, Yokohama Smart City Project (YSCP), Climate Change Policy Headquarters, City of Yokohama, Yokohama. This paper report presents the efforts of Yokohama government to build the sustainable energy, infrastructure and social system.
10.   ------, 2012, Development of Smart City in Asian, NTT Data Institute of Management Consulting, Inc, Surabaya. This paper report explain that smart city is actually suitable for Asian countries. 

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