PARE Summer School 2014 Final Report

There are several steps that i will do to realize our group's master plan, that is reducing non renewable energy with increasing the renewable energy from waste and biomass. As a chemist, I will examine what the negative effects that may result from the use of waste as a fuel power plant. And then, I will do research about how environmental impact that form from building waste heat power plan and try to solve the problem.

Furthermore, I will also do research and development to make the producing bioethanol process more effective and more efficient to increasing presentation of bioethanol that will produced so, the process will produced bioethanol about 80% - 100% so, besides that, CO2 that will produced will decrease either. The thing that I will do to support this project such as controlling enzyme production, cellulose hydrolysis, glucose and pentose fermentation.

I also want to make a good quality of bioethanol and bioethanol that produced can be ready to use as a new fuel to be a driving force of vehicles, machine etc. In order to convert plastic waste to form crude oil that passing hydrocracking process, I will do research and development to find new catalysts with low price and effective performance to support hydrocracking process, so it can be done at temperatures well below 500oC which need a huge amount of energy.

On the other hand, I will also socialized and promote waste bank program to the whole society so people are aware of this program and interested to follow this program. So, the waste management will done well and will create a cleaner environment. I also will search for other plants that very potential to be converted as a power plant feedstock or bioethanol resources with much shorter growth time, so feedstock supply will be maintained to fulfill of the energy demand.

 I propose research paper title that is “Analysis heavy metal content of fly ash results of co-combustion of heat power plants”. I choose this title because in our master plan as much as 20% or more of coal will be substituted with waste, then I will try to examine how this substitution will effect the concentration of heavy metal on the fly ash that will produced from this heat power plants. Expectation of the results of this study obtained data is reducing the concentration of heavy metal because of reducing the use of coal as fuel.

Trace elements in coal are of interest for a variety of reasons. Several elements, including arsenic, lead, and mercury, have been considered to be potentially toxic components in emissions from power plants. In addition, the presence of certain elements, such as arsenic, can have implications in the operation of pollution-control devices. As, Cd, Hg are toxic elements released during coal combustion have influenced normal growth of animals and vegetation, and human health in some countries and areas. So, the main target of my research are As, Hg and Cd metal in fly ash. I l propose this research title is in order to do environmental control that also will support our group master plan.a

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