Final Report

Final Report
(Submission Deadline: 18th September 2014)

Kasetsart University
Group No.

You will write a report (500 words) on your group’s discussion.
In the report, you will:
A)      propose how you can contribute as a specialist to realize your group’s master plan, and
B)      propose a title of research paper related to the master plan.

Water Conservation
       The master plan of ours group discussion is water conservation. The details of discussion talk about the ways to conserve natural water resources especially ground water. The main cause of problem are human activities so necessary to think about how to protect natural water resources from human activities. Why our group focus on the water resources it is the most important thing that our group discuss at the first time. Because we think water resources are the most important factor in food web chain. Ours group separate human activities that effect on the water resources in 4 main topics. The first one is agriculture, industry, household and forestry respectively. Most of all in human activities impact on water resources in the large-scale especially agriculture, industry and household these thing are the daily activities that destroy water resources when water resources be affected by some factor it can effected food web chain too. Rapid growth in population make food demand increase too so if we don’t conserve the water resources in the present it will be make the negative impact in the large-scale in the future. Ours group the master plan suggested the way to conserve water resources by conservation and wisely consume method. The method to conservation and wisely consume the water resources by in agriculture activities we don’t excess water use in cultivation and protected water contamination from chemical that use in agriculture process. Industry and household activities often make the qualities of water resources decrease in ours group master plan the solution idea that we use for treat the poor condition water from industry and household activities are the sea weed pond. We use sea weed to absorb and treat the water and then sent to the aquaculture pond this method help us to conserve water and decrease water consume in this activities. Forestry conservation related to water resources if forestry low remains it had the big impact to natural water resources. Our master plan propose in the micro hydro power plant by choose the hill land to use benefit from water fall. The main benefit we will produce electricity from water fall by independent micro electricity. The electricity from this micro hydro power plant will use for supply in the small village because we think the small scale can control the activities more easier than big cities scale. In the village we will make the activities to be the unities for control easier.
              In our master plan village we will research about effect of micro hydro electricity on water consume efficiency in small village. This research will conduct in our master plan village to study about the efficiency of water consume when produce electricity by hydro power. Because in my opinion when we used the water resources in another way it can effect other way water consume so this research will help us to evaluate the point that are most optimized to use water power to produce electricity to supply village and which point are most optimized to use water resources to supply human activities demand.

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