PARE Final report

PARE Final report

Human population rapidly growing and human activity are caused of many problems such as sustainable natural resource, global warming, deforestation etc. In our group realize the important problem is come from the human activity especially city human so we propose city of technology to solve these problems.

First of all, we chose case study city which is Sumatra, Indonesia. We chose Sumatra because Sumatra is the large area which not developed. Sumatra is a beautiful island which has many resources we could develop. Furthermore, Java Island, Indonesia, has over population and has environmental degradation in urban area. This would be the great opportunity we can move people from the city go back to their home town. After we chose case study city, we thought about the concept of the smart city. Smart city would have a smart citizen, smart healthcare, smart energy, smart technology, smart building, smart mobility, smart education and smart infrastructure. Every technology in smart city not only a best technology but it have to be eco-friendly, Good for environment, energy much be clean, good and kind citizen and develop parallel develop with the environment. In education field, smart city will be focus in E-learning. Everyone in the world can reach every information, every knowledge and learn new technology in real-time. So, people in smart city would be smart and they can improve their thinking too. The communication would be 4G, the high speed internet which everyone can use so e-learning can be real-time and the technology in smart city would up to date. In agriculture field, area for the agriculture would use for precision farming for decision the best quality in each area. So, the product would be good quality and quantity. Moreover, animals waste would be used for bio-gas. Due to methane is cause for the global warming. Bio-gas can decrease the methane gas and it would help farmer to decrease cost and Deodorants waste smell. In energy field, all of the energies have to friendly with environment, good for human and global. Energy can be a wind power plant, bio-thermal energy or coil energy. The last is almost product would sell on the internet which is called E-commerce because we would like to cut middleman problem and also increase benefit both farmer and customer. But, as we know the smart city is built for a long time and it not just a concept. In our master plan we calculate for the economic cost of the smart city in Sumatra. It cost about 28.7 billion dollar. We also plan about the time schedule of the smart city because the city cannot just input in the land and finish. Citizen has to adjust with the changing and it does not have to fast changing. Another thing about the smart city is we think people in smart city should be learnt about save energy and eco-friendly so, we create games for kids. These games are easy learning and good teaching. Then, the smart city can be success with all of above plan.

                In our group, master plan title is created smart-city in Sumatra Island (case study). The smart-city would improve citizen skill, effective using resources and good for environment.

Author : Teeranoot Japunya, SIIT, TU, Thailand

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