PARE Summer School Final Report 2014 (Mahardika Mohammad Azis)

Final Report
(Submission Deadline: 18th September 2014)

Institut Teknologi Bandung
Mohammad Azis Mahardika
Group No.

You will write a report (500 words) on your group’s discussion.
In the report, you will:
A)      propose how you can contribute as a specialist to realize your group’s master plan, and
B)      propose a title of research paper related to the master plan.

a.    My master plan is to make a human waste to be useful by making it into fuel for biogas plant and fertilizer for plant. As we know the human waste now is stored in the septic tank and mixed with the waste water in the sewage and it can be source of diseases for human, whereas human waste can be used to generate electricity and become fertilizer to plant. So, As a mechanical engineer specialist, for the beginning I can contribute to help the design of biogas plant component such as the biogas plant generator and other tools for biogas plant. To design the component, first I have to know the amount of human waste produced per day, then I can calculate how many biogas such as CH4 produced, then I can design the generator capacity that fit with the amount of the biogas produced. After that I can involved in maintenance of the biogas plant so it will be sustain for a long time and I can improve the efficiency of biogas plant by researching and developing the technology for the biogas plant. The problem for the biogas plant is the cost to construct it. But if we see the benefit of the human waste for biogas plant such as it can reduce green house gas (GHG) as we know that CH4 GHG factor is 21 times higher than CO2, so by convert the CH4 into CO2 it will reduce the impact of GHG, biogas plant can saves fossil fuels and it is source of renewable energy. with this many benefits I think it’s worth to build the biogas plant and for the cost problem we can ask government to help funding the biogas plant or we can find communities that support the green technology to help funding our master plan.
For the fertilizer, we used the waste after it processed from the digester, and processed to become fertilizer. As for waste water used in our plant, it can be processed to become fresh water by some method using a membrane to filter the waste water and the purified water can be used for irrigation.

b.    The title I propose is “Increase efficiency for biogas plant”, based on the article from we know that generally the efficiency of the biogas plant is around 25 to 40 %, so it still low and theoretically it can increase. There are 4 method so we can improve the efficiency of the biogas plant such as substrate pretreatment, fermentation, biogas purification, biogas utilisation. And according to my major I choose the substrate pretreatment method to improve the efficiency for biogas plant. Substrate pretreatment is treatment to make the substrate (human waste) smaller and dry, so the biogas such as CH4 will be produced more, and the time to produce the biogas (fermentation) is faster, so it will save time and increase the efficiency of the biogas pant, there are many ways to treat the substrate such as ultrasonication, extruder, bursting reactor, mills, and etc.

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