Summer School Final Report Charisa Glesiandra, "SI-Energy, Saving and Independent Energy"

Final Report
(Submission Deadline: 18th September 2014)

Institut Pertanian Bogor
Charisa Glesiandra
Group No.

You will write a report (500 words) on your group’s discussion.
In the report, you will:
A)      propose how you can contribute as a specialist to realize your group’s master plan, and
B)      propose a title of research paper related to the master plan.

     Nowadays, negative PARE chain has been becoming a global problem in developed and developing country. In Indonesia, negative PARE chain that occurred have a different flow chain depend on where it occurred. The negative PARE chain that occurred In rural area makes the population keep increasing caused by early married, but the activity decreasing caused by low life quality in rural area that not good enough to support people demand. The low quality of life in rural area make people choose to migrate to big City, thus population in City keep increasing, and that condition make the resources and environmental quality keep decreasing. The master plan that group 5 propose are to make and introduce “SI-energy” saving and independent energy in rural area. This concept will be implemented at Dusun Cipanjalu, Bukit tunggul village, Bandung - Indonesia. People that life in Dusun Cipanjalu do farming, but in this area there’s no electricity. “SI-energy” can be implemented in this area, because there are potency in this area. Dusun Cipanjalu located near river that can be used as an energy source to generating electricity using micro hydro turbine system, thus this area can have an Independent energy. The other potency that this area have are manure from farming, the manure can be converted into biogas that can be used to cooking and heating the room. To fulfil people demand, increasing the life quality and increasing people income, aquaculture (eco-farming) system can also be implemented in this area.
     As a microbiology specialist, I can contribute to choose the best microbe strain that will used in manure fermenting processes. I also can make a good fish feed formulation that contain probiotic (microbes which is increasing quality of growth and nutrient of fish), thus by feeding the fish with probiotic feed, the fish can grow up healthily and can be a good food source for human.
     Related to our master plan, a title research that I will propose to support our master plan are “Isolation and Screening of Manure Fermentating Microbes” and “Probiotic effect to fish growth and nutrient quality”. The research that I will do related to “Isolation and Screening of Manure Fermentating Microbes” are isolating microbes from manure that already fermented naturally, thus the microbes isolated will be screened to see which fermentating microbes have the best quality to fermenting the manure into biogas. The second research title is “Probiotic effect to fish growth and nutrient quality”. In this research I will make fish feed formulation that mixed with probiotic. The probiotic strain will be choose first, the strain that can used as fish feed probiotic are Bacillus, Lactobacillus and Acetobacter. Fish will be feed by fish feed that already mixed with each probiotic, thus after 3 weeks the grow rates and nutrient quality of that fish will be measured. The best fish feed formulation that mixed with probiotic thus will be applied in aquaculture (eco-farming) system in our master plan. By doing that research I will support my group master plan.
     “SI-energy” master plan will make life quality in rural area advancing, thus the activity in rural area will be increasing, by using an eco-technology which is eco-friendly we can maintain environment quality and can also maintain the fossil fuel and land resources.

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