Self-Introduction and Summer School Experiences


My name is Ria, a short version of Ratna Patriana. I’m a master student of Rural Sociology, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia. I join with PARE Program since this year, from Introduction to PARE, Summer School and Long Semester. All of these programs so far have given me so many lessons, fruitful experiences and, of course, good friends. The last that I mentioned was so exceptional, especially after we joined the summer school. Tight schedule, difficult tasks, happy and sad moments that we shared together have bounded our friendship, regardless the language barrier and duration of the program. 

We came from different background, which most of the students were from natural sciences background. Mine is social science which, I guess, was the one and only in this program. At first I felt afraid that I can’t follow the lectures, but with the helps from other students, I can understand the materials. The knowledge that I gained from this program was relatively new for me, and thankfully each student come from different disciplines, so that we can share our knowledge and mix it together to build an interconnected idea. 

The last summer school program was – how can I say? – incredible! During that short period of time, we have visited so many places, from Tomakomai, Ishikari, Ebetsu, Toyako, Mori town, Maruyama zoo until Hakodate. We learnt so many things, from oil storage, biogas, wind power, hydro power, geothermal power and many other sustainable energy initiatives. At the end of the program, we were challenged to build a master plan about sustainable energy development to overcome the problem in Population, Activities, Resource and Environment – PARE Chain – in Asia.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Freedom is not worth having if it doesn’t include the freedom to make mistakes.” And because of Freedom is the power of the youth, Freedom also the power of us too. Even though in the beginning, making a master plan in a very limited time sounded impossible, with the power of freedom and without worrying of making mistakes, all of us eventually finished our group master plan and presented it in an awesome/sugoi/sud-yord/keren-banget way. That was, for me, the biggest challenge that we had to face in this summer school. And honestly, the idea that came up from each master plan was extra ordinary. I’m very proud that I can be the part of this program.

That was my (not very) short introduction and experiences in PARE Summer School 2014. And now I miss my summer school friends!

Ratna Patriana
PARE ID: PARE 26-005

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