final report PARE 2014

Universitas Gadjah Mada
BUDI Firman Shantya
Group No.

                Increasing human activity has a significant impact on energy. Most of the use of energy by human activities such as energy resources are non-renewable. These problems can cause problems, especially electrical energy crisis. Electrical energy is the energy that is necessary for humans. Can not imagine what would happen if electricity production is not proportional to the demand. Power outages and all activity came to a standstill, including economic activity. In order to meet increasing electricity and fuel saving measures petroleum, efforts need to be done to look for potential sources of renewable energy in all parts of Indonesia such as water potential, wind, geothermal or sunlight.
The geographical condition of Indonesia, which consists of small islands and remote causes many difficult to reach by the power grid are centralized. To meet energy needs in these areas, one type of energy is potential to develop solar energy. Due to the location of Indonesia located on the equator, Indonesia has a solar radiation levels are extremely high. According to the measurement from the center of Meteorology and Geophysics Agency estimated the radiation falling on the surface of the Earth Indonesia (particularly Eastern Indonesia) on average approximately 5.1 kWh / m2 day. Thus, solar energy can be utilized for electricity providers in order to speed up rural electrification ratio.
In the utilization of solar energy that can be used solar panels convert solar energy directly into electrical energy. The use of solar panels as a source of energy engineering in electrical energy generation can be said to not produce pollution, both air pollution and pollution of the surrounding environment. The advantage of the economic utilization of the solar cell is
1.      Save, because it does not require fuel
2.      Can be installed anywhere and can be moved as required
3.      Characteristically modular. The capacity of the electricity produced can be adjusted by means of assembling the modules in series and parallel
4.      Can be operated automatically or using the operating
5.      Without sound and do not cause pollution
Based on these considerations, photovoltaic conversion of sunlight into electrical energy will be the main energy source of the future, especially when conventional energy sources (coal, petroleum and natural gas) is up. In addition, the price of conventional energy sources will continue to be higher and supply is also very limited, while the photovoltaic prices will gradually fall due to abundant raw material on earth.
Furthermore, the electrical energy generated from the solar panels, can be used for a variety of uses, for example in the field of marine. Utilization of solar cells as power supply lighting equipment to move the ship or boat with the help of electric motors. With the requirement for electricity to drive the growth of economic activity, improving intelligence where children can learn and encourage the growth of settlements and welfare of the local community, so as to support the creation of a prosperous society and in the region to support regional development.

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