PARE SUMMER SCHOOL 2014 Final Report

Final Report
(Submission Deadline: 18 th September 2014)

Kasetsart University
Group No.

You will write a report (500 words) on your group's discussion.
In the report, you will:
A)       How you CAN PROPOSE contribute as a specialist to Realize your group's Master plan, and
B)       PROPOSE a title of Research paper related to the Master plan.

A)       I Contributed to Realize WITHIN My group How to Apply sustainable Energy to Agriculture INCLUDING Aquaculture by Water supply from natural resource SUCH as Lake or Reservoir Which it Will Separate Ways to 2, first way to use IS for Hydropower Plant Generator for Water to generate electricity by force of flowing of water which use electricity to household and second way is to use for fish raceway system. Fish raceway system is normally in aquaculture at highland which raceway system equipped with an inlet at top of pond and outlet at terminal of pond. A continuous water flow-through is maintained to provide the required level of water quality, which allows animals to be cultured at higher densities within the raceway. Moreover, flowing of water by gravity will help to increase oxygen and maintain good water quality. This is That a reason Why I choose the Fish raceway system BECAUSE this system CAN help to Save Energy just only of Flowing Water by Gravity from previous Next to Pond Pond. Furthermore, Aquaculture system IS ALSO known as  Aquafarming Which CAN make income for farmer for example Sturgeon fish culture which can sell by products such as cavier and fish meat. So If this integrated system between food and nutrition and sustainable for urban and rural area are sustainability, livelihood of people can live well by plenty of food and nutrition and save energy because of hydropower power plant generator can generate from force of flowing of water to electricity for use in household.

In Case of Agriculture, as we know That Increase of population CAN Cause Increase Demand of food resource and it Will lead to DECREASE food Resources Which it IS for Insufficient Demand for RESPOND. So Nathaphan PATIBHAKYOTHIN and I discuss Together About farming in Thailand and we Recognize that we have our intelligence king and talked with other members in group to explain about agriculture in Thailand. My king proposed many things that can help thai people for living well that's why my king obtained awards for first king of scientist in the world so one of proposal of my king that relate to agriculture is philosophy of sufficiency economic by his majesty the king to farmers of Thailand for living well with plenty of food and nutrition which can make income to farmers by sell in market and export some agricultural products to other country. So people in rural area they do not need to buy some food because they have enough food resource for living of them and plenty of food source for attract tourism from urban area to boost agricultural products. 

So that's many reason why we choose hydropower plant for solve and improve the problem of negative of PARE chain because it can promotes guaranteed energy and price stability, increase the stability and reliability of electricity system, clean source of energy, flexibility in construction and operation, no waste production, suitability for Industrial Application, reduce CO 2 emission and Fundamental Instrument for sustainable Development.

B)       PROPOSE a title of Research paper related to the Master plan.
The title of research paper related to the master plan there are 5 title of research papers.
1.        The Potential of Rural-Urban Linkages for Sustainable Development and Trade
2.        Economic Analysis of an Alternative Fish Raceway System
3.        Economic Analysis and Application of Small Micro Hydropower Plant
. 4        Feasibility Study of A Hydropower Project: Case Study of Niksar hepp, Turkey.
. 5        Renewable Energy Technologies: Cost Analysis Series

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