Final Report


Final Report
University : SIIT, Thammasat University
Group : Group 4
                My group conducted the research with the topic: Using human waste to make biogas plant and reuse water after treatment and compost for fertilizer of mango and mango teen. Firstly, I studied and got information about the characteristic of human wastes included black water and feces. I suggested the reasons to choose human wastes from household in this study. There are the increase population leading to the increase amount of human waste, the higher nutrient of human feces compared with cattle and chicken such as nitrogen, phosphorus and kali, the low cost of biogas system, the life span and the benefit for using gas and compost. Secondly, I designed the process system for our group. I explained each steps for this process and how to control and use in practical. I also calculate the price for equipments, the life span and the benefit from this study. I focused on the price and the efficiency to design the system with the type of biogas holder which is the most comfortable with the growth condition for mango and mango teen. Moreover, I also took care about the gas emission from biogas system. Methane was collected and used as electric energy of plan and the CO from system was kept and used to make ice air. Therefore, we can reduce the odor and limit the gas emission from the biogas plan. Finally, I combined with the law and the process of growing up mango and mango teen to ensure the sustainable development of biogas plan. 
                The title research for master plan is using human waste for biogas plan to grown up organic orchard. The purpose of this study is using the material of human resource which increase following the increase of population, the amount of human waste is used as energy to develop the organic orchard. The benefit from this study based on the clean water after treatment and the compost for soil without chemical. The efficiency of this study will decrease the amount of human waste from household and reuse the product after treatment such as clean water, compost and biogas for electricity. 

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