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as usual

Hello, because the demo in Thai has calmed down I could go to various places, for example the theater, Ayutthaya and Yan NAWA district. And I could use experimental instruments more easily because of my habitation but I must take an experiment because creature grows up daily. So recently every day I go to swimming in the morning, go to laboratory. And at weekends, I went there. But I’m sorry for impossibility to upload only one photo because of my mistakes.

My laboratory’s members always have me enjoy by talking about kidding. Sometimes I want to have more time to do various things, for example learning the language, having the happy time and… But I must summarize the things for three months. So I endeavor.

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Christmas in Sapporo

Hello everyone,

Lately the weather is very beautiful. It is consistent, in which it always snow, and since I never see snow in Indonesia, therefore I enjoy seeing snow very much, especially walking in snow storm when the snow in roads is very thick, but when the thick layer of snow is cleaned, the roads become very slippery, I myself has watched several people fallen down because of it. But thanks to my high inertia, therefore I am very balanced when I walked in slippery roads. 

And then, my research. It goes literally nowhere. No conclusion drawn, but there still lots of time to finish, therefore it is not become problem for me. And new year is approaching, yeayyyy it is holiday time, therefore I think it would be inappropriate if I contact my supervisor to discuss the progress in this time, therefore it will be postponed until next year. Yeayyyy!

Another story is about christmas. This is the first time that I celebrate christmas not in Indonesia. In the christmas time, I always go to church with my family, but since in Sapporo I do not know any church nearby and also I suspect that the languages that will be used is Japanese, therefore I do not go to church. I spent the christmas eve cooking Indian curry. Cooking is my remedy lately, to reduce the stress and pressure. It is very relaxing process and the outcome is always making me curious, whether it is good or bad. But lately i conclude that the outcome is neither good nor bad, but poisonous. Everytime I eat my own cooking, I always get diarhea. But If I eat at cafetaria, my digestion is healthy. 

And also there are lots of party lately with my lab mates. I want to upload the photos, but unfortunately I lost the cable to connect my cellphone camera to PC, therefore I am so sorry that you have to imagine all of my writing. 

The first party is End Year Party. We go to Chinese Dining Restaurant, called Deden Gaden. The place is really small, I can not barely move my body when I was in there. And I also wonder why they choose this restaurant. But it turns out that the food is really great. I do not know the name of food, but it really taste delicious. 

The second party is Christmas Party. When I heard this, I thought that most of my lab mates's religion is catholic or christian, because they celebrate the born of Jesus, but it turns out that they only love to have party and decide to name the party as christmas party. And the party is also awesome. There are foods, beers, and games. The games is called BINGO games. The winner can take the present, but since this is christmas, everyone got the present, there are no actual winner or loser. 

Well, that's it from me

I'll see you on the next post

Rudini Wirawan Sudewa


Bonenkai party

Hello everyone...

How are you?
I think you are enjoying study life in Sapporo guys.  I am also happy and enjoy in Sapporo Hokkaido
I wanted to share my experience in this mid-December. There is happy news for the Muslims in environmental earth science department, that the dean has given a special room for Muslims to pray because the number of Muslim students in our department quite a lot. Previously, we pray  only in places where spurious. TShunitz Tanaka Sensei then proposed to provide special room for prayer to the dean and the dean approved. However, the faculty also apologize because not able to provide a special place for wudlu, a ritual performed before prayer.

Maybe after this, I hope Hokkaido University can provide prayer rooms for Muslim students in the future because the number of Muslim students here quite a lot.

Beside that, I have bonenkai party with my lab member (Matsuda sensei's lab member) at a restaurant in sapporo station on December, 19th. This is the first experience for me and we start with "kanpai!!!"

I have difficulty in ordering food menu. This is because I am a Muslim and should not eat pork and other meat except halal meat. Therefore, I just ordered a seafood, noodles, potatoes and vegetables. In this party, for my first time trying the sashimi, and maybe I do not want to eat it again because I had difficulty swallowing. However, I like this party. We joke and have fun until late at night.

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Climate Change Symposium in between various parties

Dear reader…

In this my second report of December 2013, I will share my activities. It begins by farewell party of Linda-san on early December 2013. She was CENSUS member and registered as Lecturer in Universitas Palangkaraya Indonesia. In the same time we also celebrate new marriage couple –Dulbert and his wife-, he is one of STRASS alumni which is one of CENSUS leadership program. 

On 4th December 2013, I met Mr. Evri-san from BPPT (Agency of Technology Assessment and Application) in CENSUS. Apparently, he also graduates from IPB which is means we were graduated from the same university. We have dinner in Sushi restaurant of ESTA Sapporo Eki. The interesting one is the banquet table is always moving.

My next activity is IPCC (Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change) Symposium on 10th December 2013 in Keio Plaza Hotel. There is obligatory for student including me who took “Advance Course on Global Warming Assessment” to attend this symposium. On that event, there are many topics such as “climate change and the work of IPCC”, “new scientific findings on climate change” and “climate change and Hokkaido”, etc. I was very excited to join this event because my research is related to the climate change and carbon emission.

On 18th December 2013, I went to Sapporo Illumination in Odori Park with Della-san. We saw various beautiful light in the form of animal etc. There are some store that sell unique stuff and special goods for Christmas.  Santa-clause also been there. The interesting one is most of the foreign stuff came from Munich Germany. After that I saw the city view from TV tower. I  could feel a slight vibration when I stand in the top of the tower. 

I join Bounenkai CENSUS on 21st December 2013. On the event, there are many people who also came i.e.: Prof Noriyuki Tanaka, Eriko Momota, Atsushi Simahata, Gakushi Ishimura, Yumiko Yoshida, Febrina Natalia, Ru Yajie and myself. We order Japanese food such as sashimi, chicken and nabe. On the occassion, I drink four glass ginger ale. At least I already have alternative drink beside orange juice and mineral water...:)

On 23rd December 2013, I attended Bounenkai with NSI Sapporo, PPI (Indonesian Student Association) Hokkaido and PPI Sapporo in L-Plaza. Organizing committee has done a good job. It seems that they had already well prepare. The event start from cooking Indonesian food "Bakso and bakwan", dinner, presentation of Manado city, sing, play game of Bingo and the last is fashion show wear Kebaya. 

Thanks for read my post…

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Bounenkai NSI

Hello everyone,

Yesterday, i attended Bounenkai NSI in L-Plaza. I was so excited because in that event, we want to cook "Bakso", "Bakwan Jagung", and "Puding". I arrived at L-Plaza at 13.30. I helped Isma-san to cook "Bakso" or meat ball in the common name. So excited. "Bakso" is famous food in Indonesia. I really love "Bakso". Sometimes, i miss "Bakso" in Indonesia. I just go to the Kedai Kita (Indonesian Restaurant) in Sapporo to eat "Bakso".

"Bakso" is ready to eat ^^

Delicious "Bakso"

Some of Japanese people try to taste "Bakso"

After that, my friend and i showed the dancing of Ampar-Ampar Pisang from Kalimantan Island. It was the second time i showed that dancing, the first in Ishikari World Festival and the second in Bounenkai Party. Overall, my family and i success to show the dance of Ampar-Ampar Pisang. One of my friend from Indonesia showed Pendet's dancing from Bali. So beautiful!

After dancing ^^

What a embarrassed! Because i must show Narumi's Kebaya Collection in front of Japanese people and Indonesian people. It was the first time i do that. But, i think it was a good experience in my life. Narumi-san is Japanese people who love Indonesia. She collects a lot of Kebaya. Kebaya is traditional clothes from Indonesia. I used orange's Kebaya. It was so nice.

We used Kebaya collection of Narumi-san

Narumi-san and i took a photo after fashion show in Bounenkai Party

See you next time! :)

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Travel to Chiangmai

I traveled to Chiangmai between December 5 and December 10 with my friends. Chiangmai is the city in the north of Thailand. I looked the beautiful temple and the scenery at the mountain and experienced various things.
The deep impressive memory is the camp at the mountain. The height of camp place at the mountain was 2000 m. Although it was warm in the afternoon, it was cold in the night. The temperature in the night is under degrees. I did not notice the difference of Thai and Japanese camp. Before I went to bed, I noticed that usual Japanese people don’t enjoy the camp in winter. Of course Thai people also enjoy the camp in summer. And they enjoy the cold there in this season. I could not have anticipated that I can enjoy the cold in Thailand although I come here from Hokkaido. This may be a kind of cross-cultural communication. The camp itself was same as Japan.


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2nd Report on December

Hi everyone.. It's me, Della. 

Today is mother's day in Indonesia. So, I want to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY for every single mother in the world especially for my lovely mom. You are the best mom in the world and I really miss you mom. ^^

This is my second report in December. I would like to share about my activities.

On December 18th I and other members of ecological chemistry laboratory had a new year’s cleaning time (osoji). We spent a whole day cleaning our lab and student rooms. That is a good day and a little bit tired but it is good to begin the new year fresh and clean.

On the same day, I and Arie-San went to the Sapporo white illumination and the observatory Sapporo TV tower. Sapporo white illumination looks especially fantastic and romantic when it is snowing.

On another day, I had really good opportunity to eat the most expensive mushroom (Matsutake mushroom). I heard mushroom is expensive because of its rarity. So lucky I am.. ^^
I can eat it because one of our lab members who came from Korea gave it to us as a present, and Hashidoko Sensei wife cooked it for us. Thank you Kim-San and Hashidoko Sensei for delicious dishes. 
See you on the next report.. ^^

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Hello, every body.

          The last weekend I traveled to the Kiroro resort with Thai student in 

Hokkaido (about thirty five people). I spent seven hours to this place from 

Hakodate. The ski resort is very beautiful and  I met a lot of people from children 

to the elderly because ski and snowboard  most popular sport in the winter and

 it is the best time are ever for play it. 

Kiroro resort

Thai student in Hokkaido

          This is the first time I was very excited. My friends who have experienced in 

snowboard playing taught the basic for beginner to step by step. 

Today I can play a little bit. But I enjoyed and want to play again.

P.L. Christmas and New year are coming soon. I wish every one is very happy and 


See u next year,


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My second report of December

Hi, every ones

This is my second report of December. I trained in laboratory technique skills during 2 weeks ago and also consulted with the professor and tried to think about every things that related to my experiment. Now I' m going to make plan to achieve the final goals of my research. 

An experiment in my laboratory training

My resting times are shopping and seeing the famous places in Hakodate. Last week I went to see opening the Christmas Fantasy at Hakodate Bay Area. I had a nice time because that' s very well and wonderful.

Opening the Christmas Fantasy at Hakodate Bay Area
See you later, 
Ms Naruemon Jommark 
Kasetsart University, Thailand

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Bonenkai and Farewell Party

Almost two months my internship from Poland came to my laboratory. He came to my lab because in my lab there is some program like exchange student from AGH to Hokkaido University and also from Hokkaido University to AGH. At Thursday, all of students who join this program have to present about their research and experience life. So, at Thursday night we have farewell party and also bonenkai party for my lab. We also have to big clean up our lab at December 25th.

In Thursday, I also get lecturer about corrosion from Thailand teacher. From that lecture, I can identify and determine some case in Thailand. I also still have to revise my research until I get right. Thanks for give me this chance. See you next report ...^^

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As usual

Hello, because the demo in Thai has calmed down I could go to various places, for example the theater, Ayutthaya and Yan NAWA district. And I could use experimental instruments more easily because of my habitation but I must take an experiment because creature grows up daily. So recently every day I go to swimming in the morning, go to laboratory. And at weekends, I went there. But I’m sorry for impossibility to upload only one photo because of my mistakes.

My laboratory’s members always have me enjoy by talking about kidding. Sometimes I want to have more time to do various things, for example learning the language, having the happy time and… But I must summarize the things for three months. So I endeavor.

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       During 13-14 December, I tryed to play snowboarding at Kiroro resort nearby Sapporo. I was departure from Hakodate by bus on midnight of 13, and arrived to Sapporo on the morning of 14 for meeting with the Thai student in Hokkaido club. Then we ride the bus around 1 hour to Kiroro ski resort, which is a favorite place for tourists to play ski and snowboard. 

       There are a lot of ski playing devices such as ski, snowboard, goggles, glove and sweater for sell or rent, including with delicious restaurant and Onsen for treat after skiing is finished. Thailand students who have experience in snowboard teach to beginner to step by step such as  how to use snowboard equipments, how to down without injury, how to enter the elevator to the top of ski run, how to brake a snowboard and etc. After two day at Kiroro that I downed on snow more than 50 times now, I can play snowboarding a little more.

                                                                                            Chak Aranyakanont

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First experiment


  On December 18th, I analyzed carbon and nitrogen content of cow manure and corn, because I will use these materials in my research. 

  This is my first time to use experimental room. There are some differences in system between IPB and HU. In IPB, we use one room for one measurement. For example, I used two experimental rooms this time, one is for measuring carbon content, and another is for nitrogen content. Moreover, there is staff in each experimental room, and they manage the time and equipment of their rooms. It means we can’t use the room at night, because staff goes back 4 or 5pm. It may be a problem for me.
   In this time, I analyzed by Combustion method and Kjeldahl method. There is CNS Analyzer, nice machine which analyzes carbon, nitrogen and sulfur content automatically, but it is broken now.

   In the daytime, electricity was down for one hour. Fortunately, I didn’t get any damage from power outage.

   I hope my research get start soon.

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Second report of my December

Second report of my December
In these last two weeks I filled my activities by doing crowded schedule research over day and totally taking rest in the week end. Working for over day and going back late, about 03.00 am, became my first experience here. It was felt more difficult because of the rapidly coming snow. Especially for last Friday afternoon, the snowstorm came surprisingly. Nevertheless it was really interesting for me.
To fill my week end time, beside taking rest over day,  my Indonesian friends and I always go shopping and cooking together. We prepared some Indonesian foods such as “gulai kepal ikan, nasi goreng and sop cumi for treating our missing to our lovely country.  While we were eating the prepared food we shared our week experience and talked about political situation in our country. Next Indonesian president candidate is the most popular topic that we were going to talk about. See u in the next sharing.

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When the winter is coming

Day by day since my arrival in Hokkaido, and it has been almost three months. Now the snow already falls frequently that means winter season already comes and my research is started. I joined in Shizunai team for study about Green House Gas in freezing and melting seasons. Shizunai located in Shin-Hidaka city, southern of Hokkaido. It is around 2.5 hours drive from Sapporo. Some Japanese students in my laboratory say that this team is “a crazy team”, almost every week they have to do sampling in Shizunai even in winter. Now I have already prepared myself to work with “a crazy team”, especially in winter. The first sampling did in December 12th and in the field soil already frozen even though its depth was still 2-5cm. Until April next year every two weeks I will go to Shizunai to take samples and analyze in Laboratory. Wish me luck guys…

Thank you for reading my posting...C..U

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