First December

Forgive me for being late to report in early December
I am in a good condition and  enjoy my study so far in Environmental Earth Science Department
Like usually, I went through college and doing experiments in the laboratory and had to leave at 9 am and return at 10 or 11 or 12 pm...sugoi ne... last week, I have last week I attended two  seminars about total synthesis in organic chemistry in which the first seminar delivered with the English language, and another seminar in the Japanese language. The first seminar was delivered by Professor Sun Hoo Kang from South Korea and the Japanese seminar was delivered by doctoral student from Science Faculty Hokkaido University. I am very interesting and in my mind I just thinking "How they can do that"!! From small compound to be very big and complex compound. I have the chemical structure from that seminar in the 

left side.

That is very amazing!!!! But in the Japanese seminar I just saw the slide show and dont know about  the discussion. He..he..he... And the important thing is although in the room, the atmosphere remains cool and I still wear my jacket.

In last month, in my department, Environmental Earth Science Department, we have an International Party and I appear to dance on the show. All students from various countries gather and display the art and cuisine of their country, of course, with a sign whether "Halal" or not .

Beside that, I have very kind experience with my labmates. I invite them for have dinner in Indonesian restaurant with Indonesian menus of course, especially spicy food.
I also say that all the food ordered to be discharged and that there should not be spared. They were a little surprised, but after that they say are ready!! Our dining menu is meatballs or meat ball, fried tilapia with spices and Rames rice . They tried a little  chilli sauce and sweet soy sauce. In addition they try "kerupuk" or crackers and curious about the taste.
Specifically chili sauce with onion etc, just take a little, they had to drink dozens of cups. They say "delicious but spicy". In addition they also eat meatballs with a spoon and eat rice and fried tilapia using hands. They say they want to learn my culture, Indonesian culture where eating by hand is delicious and they do it and say "yummy" ....

My labmates are very kind. Sugoooiiiii...

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