My Activities Last Weekend (8 December 2013)

Last weekend, I was very bored in my dormitory room and therefore, I decide to go outside. I also feel that I really miss this item

The name of that item is KECAP, or sweet soy sauce. It's been 5 monts since I was here,  that I haven't taste kecap. So I decided to search for this item in a Hallal Shop in Kita 19. Due to its distance, and it's very cold outside, I also too lazy to walk, therefore I borrow bicycle from my dormitory friend, Cahyo.

After getting the bike, I feel like I want to travel around for a bit, therefore I bike to Odori park, the place where I can put my mind in peace, because the park is really peaceful to sit and daydream. When I arrived at the Odori park, I see that there was festival. The name of the festival is in Kanji, but I managed to google about the festival, and discover that the name of the festival is

Sapporo White Illumination and Munich Christmas Market

If you want complete description, please open this link

At that festival, I saw many booth that sold many christmas item, such as sculpture, christmas's tree accesorices, bolshoi doll (Russian Doll), etc, but I didn't see anyone sold christmas tree. Since I was live in dorm and don't have christmas tree, so I do not shop for the christmas item. But I really enjoy the food
Christmas Accesorises (European Houses Sculpture)

Foreigners sells Walnuts

Russian Dolls

Christmas's Ceiling Acessorises

The food was GREAT

I try jingisiukan sausage. I am very dissapointed when I discover that there is serious size disrepancy between the size in the image and the size in the reality. In the image, it look very big until I though that if I ate that, I won't need to have diner anymore, but it turned out that the size is very small, like ordinary sausage, but the taste is very good. Although i do believe that this is non hallal food.
Jingisukan Sausage

After jingisukan sausage, I bought roasted chicken. The chicken is roasted in a oven, in which the chicken is rotated around a fire, and when i eat that, it really tastes great. Like I can still feel the juiciness and tenderness of the chicken, fresh from the oven.
Roasted Chicken

That's it from me, see you on the next post.

Thank you,

Rudini Wirawan Sudewa

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