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Nov29, I visited the taxonomy laboratory. I would like to study about preservation of frozen sample and photography technique. The frozen samples were deep-sea fishes. I never see the species of fish in Thailand. It's exciting and mysterious for me. First, they classified the fishes to Order or Family. The traits were measured for each specimen such as standard length and weight. The specimen's fin were fixed by formalin and bring to make a photo. They used photo machine (I call it that) for make a fish's photo which it's easy and quick. My university didn't has this machine and I used only camera with tripod for make a photo which it's very slow. I like this machine. I'm Sorry for late

Thank you.

Kasetsart University, Thailand.

Deep-sea fishes Classification
Fix any fins with formalin
For make a photo
Photo machine
A big deep-sea fish (Alepisaurus ferox)

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