Presentation Day

Hello everyone!

I hope we always keep spirit everyday. Last week i presented my research progress. It was the second time i became presenter in our seminar's laboratory. As you know that, one of my expectation to follow PARE Program is to finish my research thesis. I spent about 20 minutes to finish my presentation. After that, the participant of seminar include my supervisor give me several questions. Some of them have a good solution for me to correct my research. I am happy to discuss with my lab's friend and my supervisor especially. Sometime we need some ideas from the other person to open our mind. I think, the activity like seminar is very good to encourage my knowledge, my public speaking, and my confidence. I hope, it will be benefit for me when i enter the real world in industry. Thanks God, i was a lucky person that have a good chance. I have good friends and good supervisor that always guide and give me motivation and solution for my thesis.

Yesterday, i did my experiment about SEM (Scanning Electrone Microscope). It was the last method that i used in my thesis research. How poor i am, because something trouble with my experiment. When the first time i did the experiment, my supporter forgot to make sure the position of samples. So that's why, my samples jumped into the deep of tools. We couldn't see the image of samples because the samples out of the map. We didn't realize before my supporter checked the samples and the tools. We're laughed together. He apologized repeatedly. For the consequence, i must do again the preparation of SEM's samples before using the tools. That's okay. It is called experiment that just talking trial and error. I hope next experiment will be success.

See you in the next story. Ganbatte^^

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