Hello everyone. At this time, I am looking for English class to improve my English skill. Because of my English grammar are very terrible (I think you already know if you read my report). So I was obtain greatly direct by Dr. John Bower, maybe I will start English class on January. As for my life in Hakodate during this time, I have interesting in fish there are not found in Thailand. There it is sturgeon fish as a source of expensive food that we call caviar, made by fermentation sturgeon roe(egg) in salt before package to can. This is high valuable goods(20,000 yen/100 g.) for sent to worldwide. 

                                        The sturgeon in Hakodate campus

          But it would be difficult to treat sturgeon in Thailand. There are several problem such as, this fish must to stay in temperate zone, so they need cold water(around 15-20 degrees centigrade). While the average temperature in Thailand  around 28 degrees centigrade. If I plan to culture this fish in Thailand, I must to keep them in air-condition room and pay a lot of money than benefit from them.

                                                                                              Chak Aranyakanont

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