November 26th is a special day for Soil Science laboratory. Three lecturers from IPB came for giving advanced lecture about wetland and one of them is my supervisor. Welcome party was arranged for our special guest.  Not like usual, for this time we did not go to restaurant and party was held in the meeting room only, of course it was still great party. Sapporo now is getting colder in the evening that was why Hatano Sensei decided not goes outside for the party. Surprisingly, almost all members in soil science laboratory even the boy students able to cook. They worked together for preparing the party.

Three topics that corresponding to wetland in Indonesia were delivered for Hokudai students. Dr. Basuki Sumawinata discussed about “Research needs on tropical peat; Dr. Suwardi about “Distributed and utilization in the peat land” and Dr. Gunawan Djajakirana about “Soil fauna and nutrients cycling of acacia plantation in tropical peat land”. 

For your information, in Agriculture faculty of Hokudai there are some advanced seminar lectures that invite many scientist or lecturer from outside Hokkaido. Even, sometimes they come from the outside of Japan. How lucky we are this is a rare opportunity, the students can enrich their knowledge without must go to abroad…^…^ 

Thank you for reading my posting…C U

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