Good afternoon, everyone

On December 11th, Matsuishi-sensei laboratory had year-end party and I joined with them. We had early year-end party because everyone  will have some work and so busy. We went to Chinese restaurant at 19.00 by Moo-moo taxi. The taxi was so cute. We drank beer and said ''Kampai". The foods in this restaurant were delicious. We finished this party at 22.00. This is my impression for year-end party in Japan.

Moo-moo Taxi ^^

Chinese Restaurant

"Kampai" ^^

I like this menu
On December 12th, I went to the Red-brick warehouse with my friends for shopping in Christmas day. The weather was very cold at this night. I saw the Christmas festival at here. I looked a big Christmas's tree at bay. It was a big tree and very beautiful. I took a photo with santa girls. She was very pretty. I was funny. The shop in warehouse had many kind of dolls and I bought a Rilakkuma. While I came back to Leopalace, the weather became snow fall and strong wind. It was very cold which I never felt cold like this.

Christmas Festival

A big Christmas tree

Me and Santa girls


Thank you,
PANNUSA Santi, Kasetsart University, THAILAND.

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