When the winter is coming

Day by day since my arrival in Hokkaido, and it has been almost three months. Now the snow already falls frequently that means winter season already comes and my research is started. I joined in Shizunai team for study about Green House Gas in freezing and melting seasons. Shizunai located in Shin-Hidaka city, southern of Hokkaido. It is around 2.5 hours drive from Sapporo. Some Japanese students in my laboratory say that this team is “a crazy team”, almost every week they have to do sampling in Shizunai even in winter. Now I have already prepared myself to work with “a crazy team”, especially in winter. The first sampling did in December 12th and in the field soil already frozen even though its depth was still 2-5cm. Until April next year every two weeks I will go to Shizunai to take samples and analyze in Laboratory. Wish me luck guys…

Thank you for reading my posting...C..U

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