Life and Research in Sapporo Lately

Lately, the weather has been gone very confusing. One day, I can see rain snow. The next day, snow is gone and there is sun. The next day, it rains heavily. And it always change every day, so I have to always keep up with the weather report, which was very accurate in Japan.

But that doesn't make me hate Sapporo. In fact, I love this city. This city has the metropolitan lifestyle of a major cities, but it is not crowded, no traffic jam, and very safe, so that I can concentrate on my main task, which is to study and do research. I also can sleep peacefully at night, because I am not consumed by anger due to traffic jam, just like what happened to me in Indonesia. 

My resarch is progressed very fast in here, in fact, last month, I almost finish that, but then my supervisor from Indonesia came, and he told me that my method is too simple, and ordered me to change the method. Now my research becoming very confusing, but still manageable, thanks to my Sensei's support and available learning resources here. 

In fact, i just did the progress report presentation to Sensei. Well i won't explain the progress in here, since it will becoming so boring, but I will give the video to see..

Anyway, I am really really sorry also for the Pare Office that I forgot to write blogs, i really appreciate that you remind me. 

Thank youuu and see you again...

Rudini Wirawan Sudewa

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