Bonenkai party

Hello everyone...

How are you?
I think you are enjoying study life in Sapporo guys.  I am also happy and enjoy in Sapporo Hokkaido
I wanted to share my experience in this mid-December. There is happy news for the Muslims in environmental earth science department, that the dean has given a special room for Muslims to pray because the number of Muslim students in our department quite a lot. Previously, we pray  only in places where spurious. TShunitz Tanaka Sensei then proposed to provide special room for prayer to the dean and the dean approved. However, the faculty also apologize because not able to provide a special place for wudlu, a ritual performed before prayer.

Maybe after this, I hope Hokkaido University can provide prayer rooms for Muslim students in the future because the number of Muslim students here quite a lot.

Beside that, I have bonenkai party with my lab member (Matsuda sensei's lab member) at a restaurant in sapporo station on December, 19th. This is the first experience for me and we start with "kanpai!!!"

I have difficulty in ordering food menu. This is because I am a Muslim and should not eat pork and other meat except halal meat. Therefore, I just ordered a seafood, noodles, potatoes and vegetables. In this party, for my first time trying the sashimi, and maybe I do not want to eat it again because I had difficulty swallowing. However, I like this party. We joke and have fun until late at night.

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