Nice life, nice friends and nice experiment (just tied together with smile)

Dear minasan,

Last week I had an exam for the Japanese course class, and the result is I past the level 1 and start study Japanese course at level 2 today. ^^v
About three weeks ago, I started to do experiments for my thesis. This is about minerals and heavy metals analysis of Indonesian vegetable which quite related to hazard analysis. I will use the ICP Analyzer to analyze mineral and heavy metals content on Indonesia vegetables from Java and Central Kalimantan.
Here is my activity for last 3 weeks
I did wet organic degradation using ultra pure nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide as pre-treatment analysis. I must take care about the treatment. So, I did that experiment at draft chamber. After I finish all pre-treatment. I will continue to analyze minerals and heavy metals content with ICP Analyzer. Now, I still do that treatment for at least 50 more samples.

Almost at the same time, I saw snow for the first time and I was so excited to see the snow. I played in the snow with my friends in front of the Agriculture building and the Office of International Affair. For consequently, I got a cold on the next day. LOL. ^^ But it's just for two days. Now, I am getting better, and I learn something from that situation. Don’t too excited, please be calm if you don’t want to got a cold. ^^  

On November 17th, I went to my Japanese friend home. She arranged a party for me and some of Indonesian student in Hokkudai. She cooked a lot of Japanese dishes like soup kare, nabe, takoyaki, ect. I helped her to cook all dishes. It was fun because I got the recipes of Japanese food, and maybe someday I will try to cook Japanese food by myself. ^^

One fact about my Japaness friend. She has a lot of Indonesian traditional clothes and she loves Indonesia so much. She is Indonesian beauty queen Sapporo branch. ^^v  See you on the next report.

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