In my laboratory, there are 6 foreigner students but just two of them internship students include me. At the first time, one of my lab mates from Poland wants to go "Historical Village Hokkaido" alone but he asks another my friends and finally five of us go to there. Actually, this is my second time visit that place because in my summer school I also had go there by bus. But, now I visit there by JR and bus. It's another experience.

At the first time when we arrive in Shin Sapporo Station, I feel so cold same and my friends also feels that except my Poland friend .... :)

When you're student and bring your student card you can entrance that place without pay the entrance fee. But, in my case, maybe because I am as special auditor in Hokudai or another reason so I don't have student card and I have to pay 680 yen because I go there at weekend.

At my first time I can't see the horse train because at the time was raining. Now, I can feel that horse train but you have to pay 200 yen actually I forget about exactly price.

Yeah because my friends so curious about the horse train so we go with it. For, my second time I visit place that I never know about that such as temple, dormitory, warehouse and also Japanese games.

Yeah, those are temple and warehouse. In warehouse we can see many tools about agriculture, paper industry,etc. And also in this place there is some of Japanese games that in Indonesia similiar with "enggrang". 

One of my friends play that game so well but as you can see the other just can stare each other because they can't play that game. After that we eat soba and udon in Shin Sapporo Station. 美味しかったです...^^

Also, today I go with my lab mates to illumination but after we arrive in Odori Park they said Illumination will finish 10 minutes again. We just laughing and go to another part which they sell many Europe food. Unfortunately, I can't eat because most of them just sell meet. So we just go around and see that. 
I'm very lucky that I have lab mates like them. They are very nice. I wish I can tell about my research but I can't because I continue to analyze my lab mates and some of data are secret. So, I can't share about that but I can tell you about my next experience live in Sapporo. Thank you very much ......
Best regards, 
Intan Indriyani Sibarani 

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