Travel to Chiangmai

I traveled to Chiangmai between December 5 and December 10 with my friends. Chiangmai is the city in the north of Thailand. I looked the beautiful temple and the scenery at the mountain and experienced various things.
The deep impressive memory is the camp at the mountain. The height of camp place at the mountain was 2000 m. Although it was warm in the afternoon, it was cold in the night. The temperature in the night is under degrees. I did not notice the difference of Thai and Japanese camp. Before I went to bed, I noticed that usual Japanese people don’t enjoy the camp in winter. Of course Thai people also enjoy the camp in summer. And they enjoy the cold there in this season. I could not have anticipated that I can enjoy the cold in Thailand although I come here from Hokkaido. This may be a kind of cross-cultural communication. The camp itself was same as Japan.


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