Hectic Day

Haloo Everybody,

I hope we always stay healthy. I am so sorry because i was late to submit my report. In a week ago, i had a lot of exam for my class both of Japanese class and Engineering Class. That's okay. I will share my experience about my Japanese class final exam. It was the first time for me to face it. I learnt more and more to pass the exam. There are a lot of question in the exam. As you know that the lesson 1-12 will be tested. I must memorize Hiragana and Katakana's character, vocabulary all of the lesson, and the grammar too. And you know? So lucky am i. I passed the final exam. It means that i can continue the Japanese class in the Introductory 2 both of grammar and communication. I am happy. For me, learning Japanese class is not easy but i try to enjoy it. Because it is an expensive experiencce that i can join the Japanese class in Hokkaido University. The most important thing that it is FREE. Thanks PARE for the chance!

Beside the final exam, i had to collect the report about my research. Because i had schedule for meeting with Otake Sensei. I prepared well for the meeting. But unfortunately, there is a little problem with my report. I forgot to make sure all of the XRD result. So that's why, my result is not so good. After meeting, Otake Sensei told me to revise my experiment. He is so kind. He gives me a lot of solution and advice. First, i feel so down about that. But i think again, i don't be give up on it. Because it is called by learning. For the next meeting, i will show the best report for my sensei. Wish me luck! ^^

See you,

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