Bounenkai NSI

Hello everyone,

Yesterday, i attended Bounenkai NSI in L-Plaza. I was so excited because in that event, we want to cook "Bakso", "Bakwan Jagung", and "Puding". I arrived at L-Plaza at 13.30. I helped Isma-san to cook "Bakso" or meat ball in the common name. So excited. "Bakso" is famous food in Indonesia. I really love "Bakso". Sometimes, i miss "Bakso" in Indonesia. I just go to the Kedai Kita (Indonesian Restaurant) in Sapporo to eat "Bakso".

"Bakso" is ready to eat ^^

Delicious "Bakso"

Some of Japanese people try to taste "Bakso"

After that, my friend and i showed the dancing of Ampar-Ampar Pisang from Kalimantan Island. It was the second time i showed that dancing, the first in Ishikari World Festival and the second in Bounenkai Party. Overall, my family and i success to show the dance of Ampar-Ampar Pisang. One of my friend from Indonesia showed Pendet's dancing from Bali. So beautiful!

After dancing ^^

What a embarrassed! Because i must show Narumi's Kebaya Collection in front of Japanese people and Indonesian people. It was the first time i do that. But, i think it was a good experience in my life. Narumi-san is Japanese people who love Indonesia. She collects a lot of Kebaya. Kebaya is traditional clothes from Indonesia. I used orange's Kebaya. It was so nice.

We used Kebaya collection of Narumi-san

Narumi-san and i took a photo after fashion show in Bounenkai Party

See you next time! :)

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