First experiment


  On December 18th, I analyzed carbon and nitrogen content of cow manure and corn, because I will use these materials in my research. 

  This is my first time to use experimental room. There are some differences in system between IPB and HU. In IPB, we use one room for one measurement. For example, I used two experimental rooms this time, one is for measuring carbon content, and another is for nitrogen content. Moreover, there is staff in each experimental room, and they manage the time and equipment of their rooms. It means we can’t use the room at night, because staff goes back 4 or 5pm. It may be a problem for me.
   In this time, I analyzed by Combustion method and Kjeldahl method. There is CNS Analyzer, nice machine which analyzes carbon, nitrogen and sulfur content automatically, but it is broken now.

   In the daytime, electricity was down for one hour. Fortunately, I didn’t get any damage from power outage.

   I hope my research get start soon.

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